Rev. Roland Alan Webb Newman
1878 - 1958

 Relationship to me: 1st Cousin Twice Removed Gen -2

Photo of Rowie kindly sent to me by
John Newman
 Born: 1878 at Lufton, Somerset  
 Died: 1958 may be buried at Goathurst Somerset
 Age 80  
 Father:      Rowland Newman 1846 - 1919
 Mother: Catherine Louise Edwards  1852 - ????
 Brothers: (younger) Claude Edwin Sandys 1880 -1942
Reginald Noble 1889 - 1964
 Sisters:   (younger) Violet Sherston 1882 - 1965
  Katherine Charlotte Jekyll (Kitty) 1884 - 1963
 Married: (1) Fanny Aston of Cheltenham
  (2) Maureen Graham
 Children: A daughter (adopted?)

Outline Roland's or Rowland's Life:

"Rowie" (as he was called) followed his father and great-grandfather (Jekyll) to become Vicar of Hawkridge and Withypool in the wilds of Exmoor in Somerset. He ended his days at Goathurst near Bridgwater in Somerset. It is said that he is buried in the nearby village of Broomfield.

According to a list of Hawkridge incumbents in my possession, Rowie was rector there from 2nd July 1919 (four months after his father's death) until 7th Sept 1932, being succeeded by Francis MacDonald Etherington. The same list records his patron as Frederick Allen Webbe Newman (an as-yet-untraced relative).

When Rowie left Hawkridge in 1932, there ended almost 98 years of continuous incumbency by members of the same family, beginning with George Jekyll on 11th November 1834, followed by his son Joseph Jekyll on 22nd July 1843 (a few months after his father's death). Following his death in 1881, Joseph was succeeded by his nephew Rowland Newman who, on his death, passed it onto his son Rowie.

From John Allen Sandys Newman April 2002: "Uncle Rowie was my main informant on the tree also. Incidentally his arm was amputated because he developed TB in the elbow. His last christening was of our Susan in 1957, and I have a small photo of him then which might reproduce. In the late 40's and 50's he moved a number of times to ever more remote parishes, and I think Goathurst was the last. He married (1) Fanny Aston of Cheltenham, (2) Maureen Graham, who had come to him originally as a nurse".

In May 2002, John goes on to say: "I've dug up a number of letters from him and they were sent from
1952 Goathurst Rectory, Bridgwater
1954 The Old Vicarage, Broomfield, Bridgwater
1957 " " "
As he died in April 1958, I suspect he's buried in Broomfield". This is confirmed by my father in a letter he wrote me in 1980

My own note: My sister Daphne recalls that Rowie may have had a daughter and that she may have been adopted. My father knew Rowie quite well, and I remember we visited them in their picturesque vicarage, and their visiting us when I was quite young. The thing I remember most was that Rowey only had one arm. I thought he had lost it in the First World War until the above information came through!

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