Hawkridge and Withypool

The neighbouring parishes of Hawkridge and Withypool sit atop the wilds of Exmoor in west Somerset amidst some of the most beautiful scenery in England. This was the home of Joseph Jekyll who was rector of the parishes until his death in 1881 (or 1882), after which the living was taken over by his nephew Rowland Newman. Rowland's son, Rowland Alan Webb Newman took over the living from his father ar


Hawkridge church sits in an isolated but delightful rural setting overlooking the moorlands of Exmoor. Not far away to the north on the road to Liscombe, is the ancient (prehistoric) stone bridge "Tar Steps" crossing the River Barle (photo below).








Near the southern wall of the churchyard are the graves of Rowland Newman and his two daughters Violet Sherston Kinch, and Katherine Charlotte Newman. Nearby are the graves with names of Kinches, Jekylls, Sherstons and others that appear from time to time in the family tree. The photo (below left) shows Roland's headstone on the left; behind it are two smaller ones for each of his daughters. Below right is the church at the nearby village of Withypool of which Rowland was also rector.


Last Updated: 10th Dec 2004