Reginald Noble Newman
1899 - 1964

 Relationship to me: 1st Cousin Twice Removed Gen -2

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 Born: 1899, probably in Hawkridge, Somerset  
 Died: 1964, Felton, California, near Santa Cruz
 Age 65  
 Father:      Rowland Newman 1846 - 1919
 Mother: Catherine Louise Edwards  1852 - ????
 Brothers: (elder) Rowland Alan Webb 1878 -1958
Claude Edwin Sandys 1880 - 1942
 Sisters:   (elder) Violet Sherston 1882 - 1965
  Katherine Charlotte Jekyll (Kitty) 1884 - 1963
 Married: Mary Ambrose
  Children: a daughter (mother of Seth Matterson) 1926 - 1980

Reginald's grandson Seth Matterson contacted me in March 2007 to tell me of his website with photos of Reginald, his father and mother and his wife and her ancestors (see Seth confirmed Heather Cuthbertson's mother's anecdote (see below) that "Reginald Noble Newman did go to America with the proceeds of his Granny's farm". Seth went on to confirm that there he had "married my Grandma, Mary Ambrose Love, in Hawaii. They had one child, my mom."

Seth also sent me photos of an elegant Newman seal that has been passed down to him. It is illustrated in the photos below. At right is another photo of Reg sent to me
by his grandson Seth Matterson.

(From John Newman May 2002): "Reginald Noble (Uncle Reggie) b.1889 = Mary Rose --. My son David thinks he has traced him in America whither he disappeared in the '20's."

From Heather Cuthbertson - grand-daughter of Claude Newman, April 2003: "Mollie talked about Reginald, Claude's brother and how he went to the States with the proceeds of Granny's farm and had six children. Claude said if he ever comes back, give him five pound and send him on his way... !"

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