Francis Holles Newman
1671 - 1714

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather Gen -8
Born 8 Jan 1671  
Died 1714 - Buried: October 13, 1714 at North Cadbury, Somerset  
Age 43  
Father:      Richard Newman of Fifehead 1620-1695
Mother: Ann Harbord of Stanninghall, Norfolk c.1634 - ????
Brothers: (elder) Richard Newman of Evercreech 1650 - 1682
  Charles Harbord Newman 1667 - 1683
Sisters: Elizabeth m. Thomas Warre
  Anne Christianna
Married: Eleanor Mompesson (m. 18 March 1689) 1662 - c1741
Children: Francis Newman of North Cadbury (died without issue) 1691 - 1768
  Thomas Newman of Colefoot (probably Coleford), Gloucestershire (cleric) 1692 - >Nov 1742
  Richard Newman of North Cadbury and Horsington, Somerset  1693 - >1742  
  Charles Newman 1694 - 1734 
  Henry Mompesson Newman 1696 - 1725
  John Newman of Kingston Juxta Yeovil (see notes below) 1699 - 1704
  William Newman  1700 - 1722
  Eleanor married John Baily of South Cadbury in 1742 1703 - 1782  
  Ann m. Rev Walter Burton, Rector of Sutton Montague, Somerset in 1742 1706 - 1776

Notes: Francis Holles Newman was the first of many Francis Newmans who followed him. As the youngest in his family, 21 years youner than his brother Richard, Francis was unusual in that he inherited half of his father's estates, in particular the Cadbury and Sparkford estates. It appears that Evercreech Park had been given over to his brother Richard before his death in 1682 since his will is headed " I Richard Newman the younger of Evercreech Park" and his monument in Fifehead describes him in the same terms. At any rate, Evercreech and Fifehead were passed on to Francis's nephew, the 20 year-old Richard (Francis being 24 at the time of his father's death).

In his 43 year life, Francis fathered 9 children, all but one of whom survived childhood. It is from Francis's children that the Newman line has survived into the 21st Century.

Francis became Sheriff of Somerset in 1700 at the young age of 29, the same year that his 25 year-old nephew Sir Richard Newman became MP for Milborn Port.

Francis also inherited the Family Bible from his mother after her death in 1690, his name appearing in the fly-leaf where his mother bequests it to his him. His wife Eleanor also features in the same Bible where she has listed the names, dates and times of birth of her nine children.

There is speculation as to where Francis's middle name Holles came from:

Thomas Newman of Colefoot (probably Coleford), Gloucestershire: his name appears in the abovementioned extract from Chancery Proceedings 23rd November 1742. He was also a party to a Tripartite Indenture between Richard Newman, John & Mary Bull, John Bull the younger and Thomas Newman dated 1728 (see here for transcription).

John Newman: of Kingston Juxta Yeovil, born 1699, Christened: May 30, 1699, North Cadbury, Somerset, died 1704, buried November 12, 1704, North Cadbury, Somerset;

William Newman: born 1700, Christened: Dec 18, 1700, North Cadbury, Somerset (from parish records quoted to me by local antiquarian Sam Miller). Sam's records also include reference to the burial in N. Cadbury of William Newman (gentleman) on 13th Jan 1722, who I presume to have been the same person;

Jane Wickham, wife and widow of Henry Mompesson Newman, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Wickham, subsequently married Anthony Wickham (a cousin?) 1729 in Horsington. She died before 1742 but her name features in the extract from Chancery Proceedings 23rd November 1742


Last update 21st March 2019: Speculations as to the derivation of the name Holles amended and expanded with inclusion of George Holles (or Hawles) as the most likely source of the name.
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