Richard Newman of Evercreech Park
1650 - 1682

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Uncle Gen -8
Born 1650 (see notes below)  
Died 10 June 1682
Age 32  
Father:      Richard Newman of Fifehead 1620-1695
Mother: Anne Harbord 1634 - 1690
Brothers: (younger) Charles Harbord 1667-1683
  Thomas ???? - 1668
  Francis Holles Newman 1671 - 1714
Sisters: Elizabeth m. (1) Thomas Warre Jul 1672 at Westminster and (2) Edward Scott 1653 - before 1685
  Frances m. John Oxenham Jan 1676 at Westminster 1659 - after 1681
  Anne Christianna m. Honeywood 1667 - 1736
Married: Grace Edmunds m. 1675 at Preston Deanery (Northampton) see note 4 below.
Children: Sir Richard Newman 1675 - 1721
  Anne m. Ashburnham Toll of Westminster, 15 May 1695 c1678 - ????

Notes: Richard Newman of Evercreech Park lived only 32 years. He predeceased his father and was buried at Fifehead Magdalen, a memorial to him being located in the chapel adjoining the church there, inscribed "Richard Newman of Evercreech Park, com. Somerset, aged 32 years, lies in the vault underneath in the second leaden coffin north, and removed from the chancell in October M.D.CXCIII (1693); leaveing one sonne Richard, Anne and Barbara now living."

Memorial to Richard Newman on west wall of the Newman chapel at Fifehead (before and after restoration)

It may be deduced that Evercreech Park had been passed over to Richard while his father was still alive.

Tony Newman in his Fifehead.ged file states that Richard "Matriculated Wadham College, Oxford, 29 Mar 1667, age 16; student of Middle Temple 1669, see Foster's Inns of Court Register. Will dated 08 Dec 1681, proved 26 Jun 1682, P.C.C 73 Cotle. His coffin removed to below chapel built by his son Richard in 1693". More likely the coffin was removed by his father than by his 18 year old son.

Raymond Mercier has very kindly sent me a transcription of Richard's Will, which I have appended to this website.

According to Burke's Commoners page 113, this Richard Newman purchased the estate of Thornbury Park on 17th May 1679. However, Thornbury Park does not appear to be mentioned in Richard's will which is dated 1681, so this information may not be correct.

From John Newman May 2002: "Richard Newman of Evercreech Park and Fifehead. b.1651. Sherborne school c.1665.(?) Matriculated at Wadham College Oxford 29/3/1667 . Student of the Middle Temple. Died 1683 aged 32". So there is some disagreement about the date of his death (and therefore the date of his birth).

Note 2: Di Clements quotes from Somerset Wills Fifth Series: "1681 Richard Newman of Evercreech Park. Proved by Richard Newman. To be buried near grandfather Richd N the elder gent. To wife Grace the house in Tufton St Westminster, daughter Barbara- daughter Anne £500. Son Richd N. Father Newman Father Edmunds Sister Lady Anne Christian Honeywood Brothers Charles Harbord N, Francis Hollies N. Sister Frances Wadham's son. John Francis jun. John Francis and Eleanor his wife. Poor of E'creech and Fivehead £5 each. God-daughter- cousin Dorothy Warre £10 when 16." I wonder if Richard's house in Westminster was anywhere near Old Palace Yard where his grandson Sir Samwell seems to have lived.

Note 3: Grace Edmunds was daughter and co-heir of Henry Edmonds of Preston Hall, Northamptonshire. She was of Royal descent from King Edward I of England. This is where the Preston Hall connection came from.

Note 4: Anne Newman: According to Campbell Newman's account, Anne was the eldest child of Richard Newman. However Ken Toll states (email dated 13th June 2004) that Richard married Grace Edmonds in 1675 which defines Sir Richard (b. 1675 or 1676) as their eldest child.

Note 5: Barbara is included in her grandmother Anne Harbord's will which says "(to my) grand-daughter Barbara N £200; if she dies then to her sister Ann then to my grand-daughters Frances and Catherine Scott."

Note 5 - Children: Di Clements reports finding in the church at Evercreech, on a plain blue stone let into the west wall of the Park aisle, the words"

Memoria Sacrum
Grace Newman aged 12 months buried October 9
Henry Newman aged 9 weeks buried February 5

"As Parents Grief the
Children's Joy so Earth
To Heaven is a Toy"

Most likely, young Grace and Henry were children of Richard and Ann. It is also likely that Grace died in October 1679 (not 1680 as implied above) and William in February 1680.

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