Elizabeth Hannah Newman (née Friers)
c1780 - 1855

 Relationship to me: unrelated Gen -5
 Born c.1780 (based on 1850 Washington census record)  
 Died 26 Jan 1855 - see Though Silent They Speak: The Larned Family History page 92.
 Age 75  
 Father:      ???? Friers  
 Mother: Elizabeth Hannah Bird  
 Brothers: ????  
 Sisters:   Susan Bird Friers d. 1853
  Deborah Bird Friers who married Zebulon King, parents of the painter Charles Bird King  
 Married: Francis Newman - married in USA c.1798 1759 - 1818
 Children: Elizabeth Rachel Newman m. Woodyear & Larnded (had no children) 1799 - 1855
John Francis Newman (# had children) c.1800
  Francis Hollis Newman (# had children) c 1805 - c1870
  Emily Newman married Dr. James Thomas Johnson (# had 2 or 3 children) died between 1850 and 1856
  Susan Bird Newman married McClintock Young died suddenly before 1850
  Francis Olis (or Hollis) Newman (# not mention in mother's will) may have died before 1850


John Francis Newman: In the final undated codicil to Francis Newman's will but which was probably made shortly before his death in 1818, he appoints Susan Bird Friers and his son John Francis Newman to be his executrix and executor in the event of his wife's death. Presumably John Francis Newman must have reached adulthood before being appointed as an executor, hence his estimated birth date of 1800. On page 87 of Though Silent They Speak: The Larned Family History by Johney Larned, it says that John Francis Newman served for the Confederacy in the American Civil War.

Susan Bird Friers: David Chudleigh confirms that Susan Bird Friers was Elizabeth Frier's sister (see email dated 1 Mar 2012). Confusion about her arose from the final codicil to of Francis Newman's w ill in which he refers several times to a Susan Bird Friers as his sister - for instance: "In the event of the death marriage or refusal of my wife to stand to and abide by this my last Will I hereby name and appoint my sister Susan Bird Friers and my son John Francis Newman to be my executrix and executor to this my last Will who shall thereupon have the all the same powers and authorities before delegated to my said wife and in the same event I hereby commit the guardianship and custody of my infant children namely Francis Hollis Newman Emily Newman Susan Bird Newman and Francis Olis Newman for and during their minority unto my sister Susan Bird Friers". It seems however that in describing her as his sister, he meant "sister-in-law".

In her historical novel “The Beasts, The Sheep and The Chariots”, Norita Massicot was probably aware of Francis' will, and may have deduced that Susan was his sister from whom she created the character of Sara Cadebury. In the novel, Sara is sister of Lord John Elizabeth Cadebury and travelled with him to the USA where she lived with him and his family.

Jerry Gandolfo also believed that Susan Bird Friers was not Francis's sister, but the sister of Elizabeth Hannah Friers. On 1st March 2002 Jerry wrote: "Susan Bird Newman - married Friers (suspect error: may have been sister-in-law, was in Maryland USA, not England, and 3rd wife, of Maryland, was maiden named Friers; also had daughter named Susan Bird) Susan Bird Friers died in 1853. [source: British Roots of Maryland Families]."

Deborah Bird Friers: Deborah Bird and Zebulon King were the parents of Charles Bird King (1785–1862), the famous artist who painted portraits of Francis Newman and other members of the family.

Susan Bird Young (née Newman): Susan Bird Newman married McClintock Young and had two or three children by him, including McClintock Jnr and Alexander. She predeceased her mother, dying suddenly when attending church with her mother or when walking to or from church. This information comes from


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