Elizabeth Rachel Larned/Woodyear (née Newman)
1799 - 1855

 Relationship to me: 1st cousin four times removed Gen -4

Elizabeth Rachel Larned (née Newman)
from Though Silent They Speak:
The Larned Family History

 Born 1799, Port Tobacco, Maryland, USA - see here.  
 Died c.1865  
 Age ~73  
 Father:      Francis Newman 1759-1818
 Mother: Elizabeth Hannah Friers c1780 - c1855
 Brothers: John Francis Newman c.1800 - ????
  Francis Hollis Newman c 1805 - c1870
  Francis Olis Newman  
 Sisters: Emily (m. Dr. James Thomas Johnson)  
Susan Bird (m. McClintock Young)  
 Married (1) Edward Godard Woodyear of Baltimore, Maryland 1784 - 21st June, 1832
  (2) James Larned m. 1832

 died 2 Aug 1849

  (3) Benjamin Larned m. 1851  
 Children She may have had one son by her first husband - see  Though Silent They Speak: The Larned Family History p 87.

David Chudleigh has very kindly (and cleverly) solved the riddle of Elizabeth Woodyear. In fact, it turns out that there were two Elizabeth Woodyears: (1) Elizabeth Rachel Woodyear (née Newman) who married Edward Godard Woodyear in the 1830s and later married the Larned brothers, and (2) Elizabeth Woodyear (née Yellott) who married Thomas Goodyear in 1817, Thomas being the brother of Edward.

Most of what is known about Elizabeth Rachel appears in Johny Larned's book "Though Silent They Speak: The Larned Family History"available on-line through Google books - see pages 86 - 88; 91 - 92, 129 and 133. The book includes two portraits purportedly of Elizabether Rachel including the one above, both painted by the famous painter Charles Bird King c.1850. They are both reproduced below, though it might be observed that they don't resemble the same person. Furthermore, the portrait on the right doesn't look like that of a lady approaching her 50s.


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