Charles Octavius Newman
1841 - >1911

 Relationship to me: Great Great Uncle Gen -3 
 Born: 5th Nov 1841; baptised Yeovil February 1 1842
 Died: >1911 (see 1911 census record)
 Age >69  
 Father:      Edwin Newman (of Yeovil) 1803 - 1884
 Mother: Charlotte Jekyll 1810 - 1875
 Siblings: (elder) Edwin 1829 - c1883
George Henry 1830 - 1858 
William 1832 - <1885
Charlotte 1833 d. in infancy
  Joseph Jekyll 1834 - 1876
Walter 1836 - 1894
Charles 1838 d. in infancy 
  Henry 1840 - 1847
  (younger) Arthur 1843 - 1915 
  Rowland 1845 - 1919
  Henrietta (m. Henry Paynter 1867) 1847 - 1914 
 Married: Clara Frances Jekyll (his cousin) m. 1879 at Dulverton c1859 - 1930
 Children: Richard / Dick (see notes below) c1883 - alive in 1901
  Ethel (see notes below) 1881 - c1934
  Charles Francis 1884 - 1964

Photo at right shows Clara with her three children, Dick, Frank and Ethel (witten in my father's handwriting).


  1. I have two separate handwritten sources with the names of Charles's children, both passed on to me by my father. The first confirms that he married his cousin Clara and had three children: Frank, Dick and Ethel. The second one shows them as Richard, Ethel and Frank (in that order).
  2. Somerset Records Office's 1861 census shows Charles staying with his father at Hendford Manor, Yeovil, and that he was at the time an undergraduate at Trinity College, Cambridge.
  3. The 1881 census shows Charles G Newman, 39, "Solicitor B A", living at 20 Mountsey, Lee, London, with his wife Clara (age 22 born in Hawkridge, Som), daughter Ethel (1 month), Marian Jekyll mother-in-law (49 born in Jersey Channel Islands) and Annie Jekyll sister-in-law (20 born in Hawkridge, Som). There is no mention of Richard, which is odd because the family photo (right) shows him alive and well some months after his brother Charles was born in 1884.  There is little doubt that Clara Jekyll was a cousin of Charles, since one of the anonymous sources that came from my father states that Charles "was born on 5 Nov 1841 and married his cousin Clara Jekyll at Hawkridge".
  4. The 1891 census shows Clara visiting her brother-in-law Rowland Newman at the Rectory, Hawkridge accompanied by Charles Francis Newman aged 6, born at Bexley Heath in Kent. Sandra Spurr reports (see email dated 12 Jun 2009) that Ethel aged 10 and Richard aged 8 were visiting his aunt and uncle Henry and Henrietta Paynter in far-away Alnwick in Northumberland.
  5. The 1901 census shows Charles, 59, Solicitor, staying in his home at 43 Woolwich Rd, Belvedere (South London). Almost certainly he was the senior partner in the London office of the family law firm Newman Paynter Gould & Newman, and had held the position since his father Edwin's retirement c.1883.
  6. At the time of the 1901 census, Richard then aged 18 was a boarder in Sheringham, Norfolk in the Craske household, along with his mother Clara aged 42 (see email frorm Sandra Spurr dated 12 Jun 2009).
  7. The 1911 census shows Charles, 69, Solicitor, staying in his home at Normanton, Chelsfield, Kent. [Presumably he was still working in the family firm at this time.] Clara (52) was also with him along with daughter Ethel aged 30 and single, and son Charles Francis, a "Bank of England Clerk" aged 25, also single. Edith Paynter (wrongly transcribed as Edith Raynte) aged 21 was also staying with them. Staying in the house with him were two fellow Bank of England clerks, Frederick Miles (22) and John Greig (23), and a young servant girl Mary Ann Wisbey (15).
  8. According to Sandra Spurr (see email dated 16 Apr 2009) Ethel married very late at 50 and went to live in Australia, where she died shortly after arrival around 1934.

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