Charlotte Newman (née Jekyll)
c.1807 - 1875#

 Relationship to me: Great Great Grandmother Gen -4 

Charlotte Newman (nee Jekyll)
 Born: c. 1807
 Died: Spring of 1875# presumably buried in Yeovil
 Age 68  
 Father:      Rev. George Jekyll 1776 - 1843
 Brothers: Joseph b. c1812
 Married: Edwin Newman c.1828 1803 - 1884
 Children: Edwin 1829 - c1883
  George Henry 1830 - 1858
  William 1832 - <1885
  Charlotte: Baptised Yeovil - September 3 1833 1833 bur. Jan 3 1834
  Joseph Jekyll 1834 - 1876
  Walter 1836 - 1896 
  Charles : baptised Yeovil February 15 18391 1838 bur. May 15 1839
  Henry : baptised Yeovil April 22 1840 1840 bur. Jun 13 1848
  Charles Octavius 1841 - >1911
  Arthur 1843 - 1915 
  Rowland 1845 - 1919
   Henrietta 1847 - 1914


# The date of Charlotte's death is taken from Bob Osborn's website. Previously it was believed that she had died in 1876, the same year that Edwin Newman married Catherine Paynter. Hence 1875 seems a more likely date.

1. Charles: Somerset Records Office shows Charles being born July 25 1838, and baptised on February 15 1839. They also show his burial as May 15 1839 at the age of 9 months. There is a contradiction here.

Charlotte's grand-daughter Evelyn Newman wrote a charming account of how her future husband Edwin Newman first came across Charlotte. The story is told on both their pages.

Somerset County Archives sent me a copy of an 1851 census which records Henry's wife as "Caroline". This is just a scribing error.

Extract from Edwin Henry Armstrong Newman's obituary which hints at interesting connections on the Jekyll side of the family:

Mr.Newman, on his mother's side, was a descendant of Sir Joseph Jekyll, Lord Chief Justice of England, Great Master of the Rolls. Mr.Newman's mother (I think they must mean grandmother on his mother's side) was the daughter of Dr.Armstrong, son of the Rev.Armstrong, Rector of Stamford-le-Hope, a direct descendant of "Johnnie" Armstrong, the Laird of Gilnochie, chief of the Armstrong Clan. The deceased's great grandfather (on his mother's side) was Captain Jekyll R.N., an old shipmate of King William IV, and was always at court with the old King. Had the King lived a few months longer he would have had his suite of apartments at Hampton Court as a reward for the services he rendered his country. He was the inventor of the first lifeboat and ship's pumps, which were taken up by the Navy, also gun carriages that have only been superseded within the last 35 years. Captain Jekyll had to sell his estate at Roundhill, Somerset, to cover the expenses of his inventions and went to live in Paris where he died. His daughter married Henry King Armstrong MD. She was the late Edwin Henry Armstrong Newman's grandmother.

The above story is also to be found my father's papers, in which I have found three hand-written "histories" of the Newman and Jekyll families all of which are practically identical and parts of which are identical to parts of the obituary notice.I have copied one of these "histories" onto a separate page, however a much more detailed and certainly more accurate Jekyll family history can be found at (or if that is inaccessible the relevant page can be found at this link, which I have copied with the kind permission of its author, Jeremy Archer.

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