Census Records from Yeovil
relating to Newmans and Paynters

1851 Census Records

Above and below: there is an error in this record which shows No 23 Hendford occupied by Caroline Newman and family. Edwin Newman's wife was called Charlotte.
With her is recorded five of her children: Edwin 21, then an articled clerk, BA Oxford; William 19 also an articled clerk; Arthur 7; Roland 5; and Henrietta 2.
Also present was John Leark, a pupil (articled clerk); a footman and four other servants listed overleaf (see below).

Below: The record for No 80 Hendford which shows Jane Newman 72 as the head householder living with her unmarried sister Mary Garland 70; two nieces: Mary Ann Berkely 20, and Mary Jane Berkley 4; three nephews: John Berkley 27, William 3 and John 1; together with a servant, Sarah Ward. Who was this family? Were they related to Edwin Newman?

1881 Census Records

Above: Record for No 12 Hendford shows Edwin Newman as the head householder. Present with him were his grand-daughter Charlotte (daughter of George Henry Newman) then aged 23, and four servants. Had the house number changed since 1851 or had the family moved?

Above: The records for The Rectory in the village of Lufton just outside Yeovil shows Rowland Newman as head, with wife Catherine with their two eldest sons Rowland and Claude, together with three servants.

Above: The record for 32 Hendford Hill shows James Bernard Paynter (written Painter described as a lodger, and solicitor aged 29. By 1891 he had become "Head" of the household at Hendford Manor (see below).

1891 Census Record

Above: The record for 11 Hendford (Hendford Manor) shows James Bernard Paynter as "Head" of the household. With him were his 50 year-old sister-in-law and first cousin Harriet Paynter (wife of Thomas Beville Paynter), a border, a visitor and three servants.

Letter from Somerset Records Office accompanying Yeovil Census Records

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