Thomas Beville Paynter
1847 - 1917

 Relationship to me: Great Great Uncle Gen -3 

Thomas Beville Paynter wearing the uniform of a Christ's Hospital school uniform - perhaps around 1862.

Beville and Hariette at Freelands c1876
 Born: 18 Nov 1847 probably in Marazion Cornwall
 Died: 4 Feb 1917
 Age 69  
 Father:      Francis Paynter (of Clarence House, Penzance) 1789 - 1863
 Mother: Catherine Augusta Coleman 1811 - 1880
 Brothers: (elder) Francis Edward 1841 - 1909
  Charles Paulet  1842 - 1863
  John de Cambourne 1844 - 1915 
  Henry Augustus Paynter 1846 - 1919
  (younger) William Rouse  1849 - 1860
  James Bernard  1852 - 1927 
  Fredrick Octavius 1854 - 1871 
 Sisters:   None
 Married: Hariette Emma Baker (his first cousin) m.20/5/1863
 Children: Francis Beville de Foe Paynter 1874 - 1931

Notes on Rev. Thomas Beville Paynter:

Peter Wray has kindly identified the uniform that Thomas was wearing in upper photograph as being the uniform of Christ's Hospital School, citing the example illustrated on Wikipedia. Peter goes on to say that he has Thomas's Christ’s Hospital School marker’s medal (see photo at right), inscribed on its edge "THOMAS B. PAYNTER 1865" (a "marker" being a school prefect).

In 1874 Edwin Newman settled the Freelands estate on Thomas Beville Paynter and Henrietta's father, Walter Newman, as trustees for Henry and Henrietta. His motives in doing so remain a mystery. As I wrote to Marion Paynter: "why did Edwin Newman settle the Freelands estate on Walter Newman and Thomas Breville Paynter as trustees for Henry and family? Did he not trust Henry and Henrietta enough to give it to them? I find all of Edwin's actions relating to Freelands hard to understand, not least the circumstances under which he bought it for Henry and Henrietta in the first place".

According to Ian Caldwell, "Rev Beville Paynter, married his cousin, Harriet Emma Baker (Fanny), (the daughter of Harriet Emma Coleman who had married the Rev John Norgrave Baker), at Martock Parish Church, and they inherited How Caple."

Also according to Ian Caldwell Thomas Breville owned or occupied the How Caple estate that had previously been inherited by his great-grandmother Susanna Acton. He also owned the Sollershope estate (near How Caple) which he acquired through his marriage to Emma.

In the 1881 census, Francis Beville Paynter (aged 6) is shown to have been born in Brompton Ralph, Somerset, and to be living at the Rectory, Kemberton in Shropshire where (presumably) his father was the incumbant rector at the time.

Below left - an undated photo of Thomas and Fanny in what appears to be late middle-age, perhaps around 1900. The boy is too young to be their son Francis, so may be a grandson.

Below right: Thomas Beville Paynter sent to me by his g-granddaughter Julie Brae.


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