Marion Edith Stephany Paynter
1922 - 2012

 Relationship to me: First Cousin Once Removed Gen -1 

Marion when I visited her
in October 2001
 Born: 1922  
 Died: 25th Sep 2012  
 Age 90  
 Father:      Frederick George Paynter
 Mother: Sarah May Stephens
 Brothers: none
 Sisters:   (elder) Rachal Mary 1920 -1919
 Married: never married
 Children: none

Outline her Life: Born at Hounslow, Middlesex. Marion trained as a landscape architect and planner, and did an MSc by research at Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh when she was teaching there. She worked in Lanarkshire, the Ministry in London and Lincolnshire before moving to Edinburgh in 1963 to be landscape architect to the Livingstone New Town before becoming a lecturer. After retiring, she tool a new career as a bookseller, first first from her caravan through the Highlands and Islands of Scotland (1991-86) before buying a ship in Jendburgh which she ran from 1987 - 98.

Marion retired to a small flat in Ravelston, Edinburgh, where she lived alone until moving into a nursing home in 2010. She died on 25th Sept 2012.

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