Francis Edward Paynter
1841 - 1909

 Relationship to me: Great Great Uncle Gen -3 

Francis Edward as a young man

Kathleen O'Halloran as a bride
 Born: 27 Mar 1841 probably in Marazion Cornwall
 Died: 1909
 Age 68  
 Father:      Francis Paynter (of Clarence House, Penzance) 1789 - 1863
 Mother: Catherine Augusta Coleman 1811 - 1880
 Brothers: (younger) Charles Paulet 1842 - 1863
  John de Cambourne  1844 - 1915
  Henry Augustus Paynter 1846 - 1919  
  Thomas Beville 1847 - 1917 
  William Rouse  1849 - 1860
  James Bernard 1852 - 1927 
  Fredrick Octavius 1854 - 1871 
 Sisters:   None
 Married: Kathleen O'Halloran
 Children: Kathleen

Little is known about the life of this Francis Paynter. If he followed his father into he legal profession, then it appears that he was never involved with the Newman Paynter partnership.

Francis does however appear momentarily in the Newman family history in that he acted as a witness to the marriage of his mother and old Edwin Newman on 27 Sept 1876 - see

Five of the Paynter brothers can be seen in the photo below, taken at Freelands circa. 1876, sent to me by Ray Farnsworth. Presumably the photo was taken before Catherine's marriage since Edwin does not appear in it.

I think Ray may have made a mistake insofar as it looks to me that Francis Edward Paynter is standing at rear left and not John de Cambourne. I base this opinion on appearances only - (a) he looks older than the other brothers, (b) he has the same head-shape as Francis in the earlier photo above and (c) the receding hairline is similar.

Presumably John de Cambourne is standing next to Francis, but I can't be sure - this brother looks much younger than Henry, whereas John de Cambourne was older.

I'm pretty sure that Ray is right in naming Henry and James Bernard on the back right and the Rev Beville seated in the middle row, but (from comparing photos again) I'm not convinced that the lady sitting next to Henrietta is Kathleen.

Ian Caldwell gave me this photo in 1999, but it has only the inscription "Mr Paynter" on it. I have assumed that it is Frances, since the photo next to him is of Charles Paulet, and next to that Beville - all at a young age and probably taken at the same time. But I would not be surprised if this photo was not of John de Cambourne - or the person second from left at the back, in the above photo.

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