Rev. Arthur Newman
1843 - 1915

 Relationship to me: Great Great Uncle Gen -3 
 Born: October 9 18431; baptised Yeovil November 29 1843  
 Died: 2nd Jan 19151  
 Age 71  
 Father:      Edwin Newman (of Yeovil) 1803 - 1884
 Mother: Charlotte Jekyll 1810 - 1876
 Siblings: (elder) Edwin 1829 - c1883
George Henry 1830 -1858 
William 1832 - <1885
Charlotte 1833 d. in infancy
  Joseph Jekyll 1834 - 1876
Walter 1836 - 1894
Charles 1838 d. in infancy 
  Henry 1840 - 1847
  Charles Octavius 1841 - >1911 
  (younger) Rowland 1845 - 1919 
  Henrietta (m. Henry Paynter 1867) 1847 -1914 
 Married: Charlotte Tweed m. 21 Feb 1867 c.1844 - 1924
 Children: Arthur Edwin Tweed Newman 1867 - 1944


Arthur was born in Yeovil 1843. He was 7 at the time of the 1851 census. It appears that in 1870 he was Rector of Lufton, a position that his brother Rowland must have taken over sometime before the 1881 census. (Lufton is the village near Yeovil where Henry Paynter was buried many years later in 1919). [See Priesthood in the 18th and 19th Centuries]. In 1881, Arthur was living in Wembdon (just outside Bridgwater) where he was Vicar.

From Crockfords Clerical Directories (as searched by Jennifer Day):

Schooled at Rugby, adm. Trinity College, Cambridge 23 May 1863, being the fourth member of the Newman Room at the college. B.A. 1867, M.A. 1873. ordained Deacon of Bath & Wells 1866; latterly of Cumberland Lodge, Parkstone, Dorset1.

Confirmation of much of the above data is (or was) to be found at Arthur's great-great-grandson Campbell Newman's website at Campbell's website includes the following interesting anecdote:

"Arthur Newman was one of the last 'hunting shooting & fishing parsons'; he was involved in the strange case of George Chilcott, a labourer declared dead whom Revd Newman refused to bury, instead keeping a coffin vigil for three days 'whereafter Mr Chilcott showed signs of life and later made a full recovery'. (reported in Bridgwater Times c. 1880). In mid-life he absconded from the parish with a mistress to America (c.1900) returning to find a petition from his parishioners nailed to the door of Axminster Church barring him from his ministry. As a staunch Tory (Conservative) he disinherited his son (Arthur Edwin Tweed Newman for espousing liberal (Whig) causes!

Campbell's website states that Arthur died at Cumberland Lodge, Parkstone, Dorset, 2nd Jan 1915 aged 72 years. According to Campbell, Arthur suffered from TB which he either inherited from his mother or contracted it from farm animals that were wintered (with the family) inside Hendford Manor.

According to Campbell's website, Arthur's wife was Charlotte Tweed daughter of Rev. James Peers Tweed. b.c1844 in Essex. 6th child. Married 21 Feb 1867 at Ascott, Oxfordshire, d. 23 Mar 1924 at the Vicarage, Wittlesey, Cambridge [where her son Arthur Edwin Tweed Newman was vicar.]

Charlotte Tweed descended from two separate lines of Tweeds dating back to the 15th century, as shown on the attached PDF file sent to me by Clif Knight.

Note 1: This information came to me from Tony Newman via It is partly confirmed through an unnamed source passed on to me by my father which says that Arthur "was born on 23rd Oct 1843 and married Charlotte Tweed at Breester(?)"

Last Updated: 22 Sept 2005 - Note added about Charlotte Tweed