Francis James Newman Rogers of Rainscombe
1791 - 1851

 Relationship to me: 1st Cousin 4 times removed Gen -4

Francis Newman-Rogers c.1830

Portrait of “Francis Newman Rogers”
by George Richardson (1808-1840) Watercolour signed and dated 1830 (15.5 x 11ins)

 Born 1791#  
 Died 1851#  
 Age 60  
 Father:      James Rogers unknown
 Mother: Catherine (née Newman) 1762 - 1832
 Brothers: none known  
 Sisters: none known  
 Married: married his cousin Julia Eleanora Yea according to Louisa Annie Rogers - m.1822 - see Access Genealogy
 Children: Francis Newman Rogers J. P. - unmarried# 1826-1859
  Rev. Edward Henry Rogers of Rainscombe M. A.#
Fellow of King's Coll., Camb.; Vicar of Thames Ditton, 1860-97;
  Walter Lacy Rogers M.A. of Balliol Coll., Oxford; Barrister-at-Law; J.P.;#
m. (1), 1868, Hermione Lucy Hamilton; m. (2), 1873, Sophia Mary Coore Paton

* Note: Francis's grandfather, Francis Newman of North Cadbury, called attention in his will to "his wife's "promise of doing justice to her successor, my grandson Francis James Newman Rogers." From this it is deduced that Francis's middle name was James as confirmed by Access Genealogy. As noted below, he may have been known by the name James Newman.

# Dates taken from Access Genealogy.

Francis Newman-Rogers: Francis appears to have been a very different character and much more successful lawyer than his grandfather Francis Newman. Indeed, he has achieved recognition to the extent of having aWikipedia page dedicated to him and also a Wikisource page. He even has his own Facebook page.

It also appears that Francis took over the Rogers' ancestral home of Rainscombe Park in Wiltshire, becoming known as Francis Newman of Rainscombe (see Access Genealogy website).


  1. Francis Newman-Rogers may have been known as James Newman. A book called The cult of Kean By Jeffrey Kahan includes a description of the notorious affair between the famous Shakespearean actor Edmund Kean and Francis's cousin Frances Charlotte Cox. The article refers to a James Newman handing an envelope containing notes (implying money) to a Ms Wickstead for Mrs Cox one evening at the theatre, presumably on behalf of Edmund Kean.
  2. As noted on Catherine Roger's page, Francis Newman-Rogers is mentioned in the old Newman-Rogers Bible currently in the possession of Francis's descendant, Jonathan Newman-Rogers. The fly-leafs contain references to the Rogers family and their inclusion of the Newman name at the request of Francis's grandfather Francis Newman of North Cadbury. On one page, Catherine's sister Frances Newman records her gift of the book to her nephew Francis Newman-Rogers Esquire. And in some accompanying notes written by Louisa Annie Rogers in 1947, she records her own gift of the book to her son Francis Henry Rogers and requests that he pass it onto his son Timothy.

    According to Louisa Annie Rogers' notes, Catherine's sister Frances Newman "left these books to the son of her sister, who married the Revd S. Rogers Rector of Queen Camel. Francis Newman-Rogers, who took the name of Newman at his grandfather's request. This Newman-Rogers married his cousin Julia Yea - became Recorder of Exeter and rebuilt Rainscombe. Grandfather of my husband F.E.N. Rogers." She goes on to state that the books were given by her husband's uncle the Revd E.H. Rogers to her son Francis Henry Rogers in trust for his son Timothy. From this we can deduce that Francis Newman-Rogers was the great-grandfather of Louisa's son Francis Henry Rogers and great great grandfather to his son Timothy Rogers, father of Jonathan and Alex Newman-Rogers.

    Below is a portrait of a young Francis Newman-Rogers dated 1797.

  Francis Newman-Rogers 1797

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