Richard Newman of Queen Camel
1552 - ????

 Relationship to me: First Cousin 11 times removed Gen -11
Born 1552 (from Jaynie Ballard)  
Died ??  
Age ??  
Father:      Richard Newman of Charlton Musgrove c.1538* - ????
Mother: Joan Weech
Siblings: none known
Married: Agatha, daughter of Humphrey Pole of Belsbury, Somerset, c.1579. b.1552 per Jaynie Ballard
Children: Joane  
  Mary m. William Hodgson of Spectington  
  Jane m. John Baker of Thornborow, Gloucestershire  
  Margaret m. John Wasoyn of Maston, Somerset  
  Robert Newman of Queen Camel, from whom Cecelia Newman was descended - see note below.  
Humphrey Newman of Wincanton b.c1582 - 1664

Note: Information on Richard of Queen's Camel sent to me via Ian Caldwell 23 Jan 2003. He may have obtained it from "The Visitation of the County of Somerset in the Year 1623" edited by Frederick Thomas Colby DD and published in 1876 - see an extract of which can be found here.

See also the Visitation of the County of Somersetshire (1623) in which Richard's name appears on page 79 as copied here, from which the names of his six elder children have been copied above.

There was a Robert Newman of Queen Camel who had a daughter Cecelia who married a George Duke, great grandson of John Duke who was Sheriff of Wiltshire in 1640 - see A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain by John Burke. Cecelia was presumably descended from Richard Newman of Queen Camel by several generations. [Thanks to Cheryl Cotton for the link.]

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