Richard Newman of Charlton Musgrove
1525 - 1573

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Uncle Gen -12
Born 1525 (from Jaynie Ballard)  
Died 1573 (see note 2 below)  
Age 48  
Father:      Robert Newman of Fifehead Magdalens 1494 - 1558 (per Jaynie Ballard)
Mother: Christiana .... or Alice
Brothers: Robert Newman of Fifeild c.1536* - 1576
Henry Newman - ancestor of Newman of Salisbury
  Thomas Newman of Fifehead Magdalen c.1540* - 1574 
Married: Joan (or Johane) Weech m. 3rd May 1545 at North Curry, Somerset (see note below)
Children: Richard of Queen Camel, Somerset b.1552 (per Jaynie Ballard)
  Edith (from Newman Name Soc Chronicle) b.1554 (per Jaynie Ballard)
  Roger (according to Jaynie Ballard) 1558 - 1633
  Jeffrey (see note 2 below) b.1558 (per Jaynie Ballard)
  Elizabeth (from Newman Name Soc Chronicle) b.1560 (per Jaynie Ballard)
  Kathrine (from Newman Name Soc Chronicle) b.1562 (per Jaynie Ballard)
  Robert of Charlton Musgrove (see note 2 and note 3 below) - does not appear in Jaynie Ballard's tree d.1632

Notes 1: Information on Richard's marriage sent to me via Ian Caldwell 23 Jan 2003. He may have obtained it from "The Visitation of the County of Somerset in the Year 1623" edited by Frederick Thomas Colby DD and published in 1876 - see below.

2. Di Clements quotes from Somerset Wills Fifth Series: "Newman Alias Evered of Charlton Musgrove 1573 Will of Richard N. Johane the relict, sons Richard, Robert and Jeffery. Uncle Robert. Lease granted in Wincanton to brother Thomas N. land in Horsington daughters Edith, Elisabeth,Kathrine. Brothers Robert,Henry Thomas". These names are also confirmed by Newman Name Soc Chronicle.

3. Newman Name Soc Chronicle shows Robert of Charlton Musgrove having nine children, the youngest being "Hugh Newman ( ) -(1641), gent., of Charlton Musgrove, will P.C.C. 113 Campbell, dated 08 FEB 1641". He also appears in Di Clements's quotes from Somerset Wills Fifth Series: "1641 Hugh Newman of Charlton Musgrove, Gent. Sisters Dorothy and Cecily, Brother Richard, Citizen and Salter of London."

4. In The Visitation of the County of Somersetshire (1623), Richard's lineage is shown on page 79, Richard himself being named as Richard of Charlton Mackrowe. The relevant part of the page is copied below:

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