Francis (Francois) Jean Newman
1823 - 1863

 Relationship to me: Second cousin three times removed Gen -3

Capt Francis Newman CSA
(see notes below)
 Born 1823 (or 1825*)  
 Died 1863 killed at Battle of Vicksburg (or 1865*)  
 Age 40  
 Father:      Captain Francis Newman 1786 - 1851
 Mother: Marie Solís
 Brothers: John Francis Newman* 1827 - 1865
 Sisters: at least four half-sisters and one full sister - viz: Lydia Euphrasie Newman 1828 - ????
 Married: Ezilda M. Daubert, a French Creole
 Children: Francis Benjamin Joseph Franklin Edouard Newman, b. 16 Jan 1852 in New Orleans, Louisiana 1852-????
  James William Daniel Newman, b. 5 Sep 1854 in New Orleans, Louisiana 1854-????
  Washington Newman, b. 1855 in New Orleans, d. 21 Nov 1920 in New Orleans 1855-1920
  Hollis Louis Newman  
  Helena Newman, b. c.1859 in New Orleans c1859-????

Details of Francis's children provided by his descendant, Christine Scheller, in Sept 2014.

From Jerry Gandolfo: Francis Newman became a Captain in the rebel (Confederate) army during the American Civil War and was killed in battle at Vicksburg in 1863. Before he died, he married a French Creole, the granddaughter of a French Privateer, Ezilda M. Daubert. They had several children including one named Hollis Louis Newman.

Notes on photo sent to me by Jerry Gandolfo 20 Jul 2002: CSA = Confederate States of America, or the rebel army. The picture is from a funeral brooch that his wife wore for years after his death in the American Civil War at the Battle of Vicksburg.

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