Hill Brow School - Brent Knoll
Preparatory School for Boys
by Chris Newman (contact: cje.newman@gmail.com)

The first edition of "A Brief History of Hill Brow School" was published in 2014, and comprised 244 A4 pages. .

A longer second edition (ISBN 9781645 169949) was pubished in 2020 filling 356 A4 pages. Copies of the second edition may be purchased "at cost" for £15 from Chris Newman at cje.newman@gmail.com.

A third edition filling 365 pages is now available for on-line distribution, the first and latest version being uploaded in November 2021. In addition to minor corrections to the second edition, it contains three main updates as follows:

The file is large (200MB) so may take a minute or two to download - or longer, depending on your internet speed. It can be downloaded by clicking HERE. Unless you've changed your downloads settings, it should download automatically into your "Downloads" folder.

This third on-line edition will be updated as and when new information becomes available.

Note: If anyone can help by providing additional information, photos, anecdotes or memorabilia relating to Hill Brow School, then please let me know by emailing me at cje.newman@gmail.com.