Hill Brow School - Brent Knoll
Preparatory School for Boys
compiled by Chris Newman (contact: cje.newman@gmail.com)

A draft "Brief History of Hill Brow School" Version 5 - updated 20 Dec 2013 in PDF format (~100 MB).

This file now incorporates the previously listed appendices excepting:

If anyone can help by providing additional information, photos, anecdotes or memorabilia relating to Hill Brow School, then please let me know by emailing me at cje.newman@gmail.com


Page updated: 20th Dec 2013 - - Ver 5 substituted; incorporating 8 of the earlier appendices. Various minor (but unidentified) changes to the text.
Page updated: 5th Apr 2013 - - Ver 4k substituted; Appendix 1 updated with JSB Powell's name added to the 1951 and 1952 school photos (identfied by Alan Reynolds).
Page updated: 26th Mar 2013 - - Appendix 11 updated with copy of booklet about Eastbourne's war experiences, kindly provided by John Graham.
Page updated: 14th Feb 2013 - - Appendix 1 Ver 2i with Michael and Jonathan Bennett's names corrected.
Page updated: 13th Jan 2013 - - Ver 4j and Appendix 3 Rev 1 incorporating spelling & grammar corrections recommended by James Hole
Page updated: 6th Jan 2013 - - Ver 4i incorporating edits suggested by John Graham
Page updated: 1st Jan 2013 - Major rewrite including Dick Rollins' Eastbourne anecdotes and other new information about the Eastbourne history of the school.
Page updated: 9th Nov 2011 - - Information from Ewen Davidson added.
Page updated: 31st Oct 2011 - - extracts from CJEN Letters added; several references to Vyvyen Brendon's book "“Prep School Children – A Class Apart over Two Centuries” added; several other minor updates based on Newman's letters.
Page updated: 5th Oct 2011 - - Anecdites from Giles Yates added including photos of sporting trophies. Appendix 8 changed to "Stories from Eastbourne". Several minor updates made to the HBS History.
Page updated: 16th July 2011 - - Anecdites from Roger Potter, Peter Isaac and John Graham added. 1954 School Brochure added. History text updated with data from brochure.
Page updated: 1st June 2011 - - School History updated to Ver 4, reformatted and amended.
Page updated: 24th May 2011 - - School History updated to Ver 3j, with inputs from James Hole (HBS 1952 - 1958).
Page updated: 21st Feb 2011 - - School History updated to Ver 3i, with new photo of HBS in Bolsover Road and other minor changes.
Page updated: 25th Jan 2011 - - School History updated to Ver 3h, with further corrections and anecdotes by Gordon Strong
Page updated: 14th Jan 2011 - - School History updated to Ver 3g, with further information relating to the school's original Bolsolver Road premises and addition of anecdote re 1940 bomb scare at Somerset Court
Page updated: 10th Jan 2011 - - School History updated to Ver 3e
Page updated: 2nd Jan 2011 - 1959 School Photo updated with the additional name of Roger Charles - see Appendix 1.
Page updated: 14th Dec 2010 - School History updated to Ver 3d with footnote about the Northcote family added based on advice from Phil Distin.
Page updated: 12th Dec 2010 - School History updated to Ver 3c with several major text changes plus images added of school cap and tie from Phil Distin and photo of Hill Brow Lodge in Bolsover Road, Eastbourne.
Appendix 1 photos (version 2) updated with additional names given by Peter Little and Chris Butt.
Page updated: 1st Nov 2010 - School History updated to Ver 3a; Appendix 1 photos updated with names given by Phil Distin.
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Page updated: 3rd Mar 2010 - school closure date deduced to be 1966 based on advice from IAPS.
Page updated: 24th Jan 2010 - substantial rewrite incorporating Nick Sanceau's recollections.
Page updated: 26th Nov 2009 - reference to a Hill Brow School in Ullesthorpe in Leicestershire added.
Page updated: 4th Nov 2009 - Christopher Butt's recollections and anecdotes added.
Page updated: 1st Nov 2009 - Peter Isaac's recollections and anecdotes added; Christopher Butt's photos added.
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