William Harbord
1535 - 1692

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Uncle Gen -9
Born 1635  
Died Belgrade 1692  
Age 57  
Father:      Sir Charles Harbord  

Maria (née van Aelst), da. of Jan van Aelst of Sandwich, Kent - m. 26 Oct 1626

Brothers: Charles Harbord ???? - 1672
  John - m. Catherine Rous (plus 3 others d.v.p.)  
  3 others (dvp)  
Sisters: Anne m. Richard Newman (d.1695) 1634 - 1690
2 other sisters  

(1) Mary Duck

  (2) Catherine Russell  d. 1702
Children:  (1) Grace married Thomas Hatcher of Careby (1660–1714) d.1703
  (1) Mary married Sir Edward Ayscough (1650–1699) c1662-1715
  (1) Margaret married Robert King, Baron Kingston of Ireland, (c1659–1693) c1667-1698
  (2) Letitia Harbord married Sir Rowland Winn, 3rd Baronet (1675–1722) d. 1722


William Harbord:

Mary Duck: Harold Biggs' researches have discovered that Mary Harbord (née Duck) was heir of Arthur Duck who owned the estates of North and South Cadbury prior to his death in 1649 (see The Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society's Proceedings, 1870 Vol. XVI. Pages 21,22,23). She inherited the estates from her father and, according to Frederic Weaver's Notes & Queries for Somerset ad Dorset (1893), she and her husband sold them her brother-in-law to Richard Newman in 1685.

Catherine Russell (d. 1702), the daughter of Hon. Edward Russell and niece of William Russell, 5th Earl of Bedford and 1st Duke of Bedford. Her brother was Edward Russell, Earl of Orford. (Thanks to Gay Brennan)

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