William Baily
c1729 - 1791

 Relationship to me: First Cousin Six Times Removed Gen -6
Born c.1729
Died 1791  
Age ~61  
Father:      Rev John Baily of South Cadbury  
Mother: Eleanor (née Newman) 1662 - c1741
Brothers: (elder) John Baily m. Mary Seymour 17 Aug 1758* 1728 - 1784 (or early 1785)*
Sisters: none  
Married: Mary Kerie of St Andrews, Holborn, Middlesex, m. 1 Dec 1748 (see note below)  
Children: currently unknown  
  * Information provided by Gay Brennan, 22nd June 2012  

William Baily was rector of South Cadbury from 1757 to c.1786. According to the Registers of Wadham College, Oxford page 78, William was a fellow of the college until his marriage on 30th June 1758 because fellowships at Oxford (and Cambridge) were restricted to bachelors only. In fact, William married 10 years ealier, on 1st Dec 1748 (see attached marriage record supplied by Gay Brennan) and must have kept his marriage secret from the college until his father vacated the South Cadbury living and made it available for William to take over on 31st July 1757 (according to the college register). Presumably William didn't make his marriage known to the college until 30th June 1758, when he resigned his fellowship.

A few years later, in 1774, William fell foul of his first-cousin, Francis Newman of North Cadbury, in a contretemps over blasphemy that eventually cost Francis his position as a Justice of the Peace.

[Note: Google books includes reference to "Baily, William, s. John, of South Cadbury, Somerset, cier. Wadham Coll., matric. 2 June, 1747, aged 17; BA 24 Jan., 1750-1" in Alumni Oxonienses: the members of the University of Oxford Volume 1.]

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